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CD: Railway Voices

Order your copy for $25.00 from the RTBU National Office, 83-89 Renwick St, REDFERN NSW 2016.
Order your copy for $25.00 from the RTBU National Office, 83-89 Renwick St, REDFERN NSW 2016.
Railway Voices is a CD with 29 tracks, using parts of the songs and poems from the Trains of Treasure exhibition panels to link interviews with rail union activists from the post-war generation. It tells the story of Australian railways from convict days at Port Arthur to the 1999 Glenbrook fatal train crash.

People you will hear on Railway Voices:

Keith Robinson - former engine fitter at Chullora Railway Workshops, and volunteer on the Zig Zag Railway

Paddy Porter - fettler

Denis Kevans - poet

Dennis Rowe - Archivist, Newcastle University

Maurie Mulheron - former ARU rep on Signal Box Reclassification Committee

Peter Tighe - signal electrician, now ETU National Secretary

Jim Walshe - retired Secretary of NSW Branch, ARU

Chris Kempster - folk singer and researcher on the life of Henry Lawson

Greg Patmore - Associate Professor, School of Work, Organisation and Society, University of Sydney

Lucy Taksa - Associate Professor, School of Industrial Relations, University of NSW

Stan Jones - Secretary, Eveleigh Branch, ARU, Eveleigh Loco Workshops

Art Creasey - about life during the Great Depression

Linda McLean - Duke Tritton's daughter. Duke wrote the great ballad of the Depression, The Sandy Hollow Line

Jack Sparkes - engine driver

Clive Arnold - fitter, Eveleigh Loco Workshops

Eileen Powell - organiser, ARU

Ken Stokoe - fitter, Elcar, Chullora

Ron Preston - Works Manager, Cardiff Workshops

Charlie Dunnett - belt repairer and oiler, Eveleigh Loco Workshop

Vaughan Williams - Eveleigh Loco Running Shed

Les Hourigan - fitter, Cardiff Workshops

Jack Sparkes

Ron Preston

Mick Tysson - electrical fitter

Brian Dunnett - electrical fitter, Loco Workshops, Chullora

Bill Stannard - train driver, Eveleigh, Engineman Class 6

Harold Dwyer - President, NSW Branch, ARU, now retired

Paul M Key - shunter, Rozelle Yards

Trevor Thorpe - elected employee representative on the Railway Workshops Board

Vincent Winberg - electric traindriver

Lyn Riley-Mundine - daughter of a fettler

Frank Ninnes and Jimmy Dodds - Eveleigh Carriage Works

Margaret McMann - Coming Out Show, ABC Radio 1976

Janet Oakden - first woman traindriver

Denise Mills - traindriver

Carol Swanson - electrical mechanic, Cardiff Workshops

Karen Blanchford and Evelyn Moss, apprentices, Chulora

Nick Lewocki - ARU organiser, now NSW Branch Secretary, RTBU

Vladimir Navoev - Eveleigh Carriage Workshops

Steve Malezka - fitter's mate, Chullora Loco

Chamal Gulbarche (Jimmy) - crane chaser, Chullora

Les Humbles - fitter & turner, Cardiff Workshops

Frank Bollins - NSW Secretary, AMWU, now retired. Former sheetmetal worker

Hilton South - Station Master, Redfern

Eric Jones - station staff

Roy Steel - painter, Eveleigh Carriage Works

Roger Ilot - Queensland

Louis Cavaliere - offical, NSW Branch, ARU, now retired

Henry McCarthy - union journalist, AMWU

David Peetz - poet, industrial relations academic

Roger Jowett - National Secretary, RTBU

Research: Brian Dunnett and Denis Kevans. Interviews: Sue Atkinson and Russ Hermann. Mixing: Restless Recordings. Remastering: John Morris. Cover Design: Paul Cockram. Project Co-ordinator: Brian Dunnett. Produced by Sue Atkinson and Russ Hermann.

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