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CD: Trains of Treasure

Order your copy for $25 from the RTBU National Office, 83-89 Renwisk St, REDFERN NSW 2016
Order your copy for $25 from the RTBU National Office, 83-89 Renwisk St, REDFERN NSW 2016
31 Songs and Poems from the Trains of Treasure Exhibition, including the title song, Trains of Treasure, by Denis Kevans.

The Sydney Railway Waltz, William Paling, 1855. Arranged by Robert Evans, performed by the NSW Railway Institute Band.

For the Company Underground, Francis MacNamara, 1837, from Frank the Poet - John Meredith and Rex Whalan. Recited by Denis Kevans.

2nd Class wait here, Henry Lawson, 1899. Music by Tony Miles. Vocals - Margaret Walters. Guitar & keyboard bass - Andrew Knight. Fiddle - Martyn Oram.

Number Twenty-Two, by 'Javey' of Murrurrundi, 1880, The Locomotive Journal - Australian Federated Union of Locomotie Enginemen. Recited by Denis Kevans.

Comrade Fettler, Anon, 1939, 'Magnet', newspaper of the Council of Railway Shop Committees. Performed by Matilda's Mob. Vocals - Carl Evensen.

The Navvies, Ralph Rogan, Yeppoon, Qld. Collected by historian Dennis Rowe, University of Newcastle. Recited by Denis Kevans.

On the Queensland Railway Lines, by Brisbane Realist Writers Group, 1959. German folk tune. Printed in 'Qld Centenary Pocket Songbook'. Performed by Matilda's Mob. Vocals - Carl Evensen and Brian Dunnett.

The New Exhibits, by R J Cassidy, 1917, 'The Worker' - Journal of the Australian Workers Union. Just prior to the 1917 strike, the Railway Construction Workers Union merged with the AWU. Their newspaper had been called 'The Navvy'. Recited by Denis Kevans.

Tweed and Lismore, by Ned McEllisot, 1893. Text sent to Ron Edwards by Richmond River Historical Society, with note - 'composed by Ned McEllisot, late of Bagotville'. Printed in Ron Edwards Big Book of 1976 Australian Songs. Vocals - Jacko Kevans.

The Sleeper Cutters' Camp, by Dan Sheahan, 1917. 'Songs of the Cane Fields', poems by Dan Sheahan. Compiled by Josephine R Sheahan. Written at Messines, France, and posted to Australia but banned by the military censor. Recited by Denis Kevans.

Beside a Railway Line, by Roger Ilott, 1991. Words and Music - Roger Ilott. Vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass - Roger Ilott. Vocals, drums, mandolin - Penny Davies.

The Gates of 23, anon, 1928. The Ticket Collector's Soliloquy. 'Railroad' - Journal of the Australian Railways Union. Recited by John Dengate.

Railway Widow's Blues, by John Warner, 1996. Vocals - Margaret Walters. Guitar and harmonica - John Warner. Double bass - Kim Poole.

NSW railway enginemen on long trips were often away two or three days longer than the journeys required, as they stayed in barracks until rostered to drive a return train. Family life was not considered important enough by the authorities.

The Paymaster, anon, 1918. 'The Railway and Tramway Officers' Gazette'. Recited by John Dengate.

Railway Kids, by Vonnie Clearsky, 1983. Vonnie was a railway kid, daughter of a signalman. Performed by Matilda's Mob.

He Understood, anon, 1954. 'Eveleigh News'- Eveleigh Loco Shop Committee. Recited by Denis Kevans.

Hard Road, by Mark tate, 1984, Elcar Workshops, NSW. Recited by John Dengate.

Sergeant Small, by Tex Morton, 1938. Originally recorded by Tex Morton and banned shortly after release. Banjo and vocals - Mark Gregory.

Farewell to Steam, by Tom Casey, 1969. Recited by Denis Kevans.

The Sandy Hollow Line, by Duke Tritton, 1937, Sydney Bush Music Club. Set to music and performed by John Dengate.

The Perth to Adelaide Trooper, by Rocky Marshall, 1943. Recited by John Dengate.

The Woy Woy Workers Train, by Joe Fernside, 1952. Originally collected by the Bush Music Club. Vocals, guitar and banjo - Roger Ilott. Whistle - Penny Davies.

The Workman's Square Deal, anon, 1924, 'Railway Union Gazette'. Published by the Australian Railways Union. Recited by Denis Kevans.

Eveleigh, anon, 1950, 'Eveleigh News' - Eveleigh Loco Shop Committee. Recited by John Dengate.

Train Trip to Guildford, by John Dengate, 1975. Guitar and vocals - John Dengate.

The Shunter, by Will Lawson, 1937, 'Freedom on the Wallaby' - M Pizzer. Recited by Denis Kevans.

The Ballad of Janet Oakden, by Pip James, 1976. Matilda's Mob. Vocals - Megan Broadbent.

The Jilted Engine Driver by H. C. (Inverell), with apologies to the Author. 'The Locomotive Journal', Sydney September 25, 1930. Recited by John Dengate.

3801, by Ray King and Ron Russell, 1987, Elcar Workshops. Guitar, vocals and computer sequencing - Ray King and Ron Russell. Backing vocals - Joy Howard.

Empty Rails, by Mark Tate, 1999. Ceased employment at Elcar in 1989. Recited by John Dengate.

Trains of Treasure, by Denis Kevans, 1984. Vocals - Denis Kevans. Instrumentals - Mike Atherton.

Research: Brian Dunnett and Denis Kevans. Compilation: Restless Recordings. Remastering: John Morris. Booklet design: Paul Cockram. Produced by Mark Gregory and Russ Hermann.

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